Bangkok, Thailand – May 20, 2024 – MyMediTravel, the global leader in medical tourism facilitation, is proud to announce the launch of two new platforms: and Phuket.Surgery. These innovative websites mark a significant expansion in MyMediTravel’s mission to provide world-class medical tourism services to patients worldwide.

Introducing MediJump: Redefining Medical Tourism in Secondary Markets

MediJump is a cutting-edge medical tourism platform tailored to meet the growing demand in secondary markets, including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Central America (excluding Mexico). This platform focuses on providing access to major medical surgeries at specialist facilities, ensuring patients receive top-tier medical care at competitive prices. With a dedicated team of coordinators, is set to revolutionize the way patients from these regions access high-quality medical treatments abroad.

Launching Phuket Surgery: Your Go-To Destination for Cosmetic Treatments in Thailand

Phuket.Surgery is a local medical tourism facilitator designed to cater specifically to the Bangkok and Phuket markets. Specialising in a wide range of cosmetic treatments, from Botox injections to Tummy Tuck surgeries, Phuket.Surgery aims to become the premier choice for patients seeking cosmetic enhancements in Thailand. Supported by a team of expert coordinators, the platform ensures a seamless and personalized experience for every patient.

Unified Excellence with Shared Back Office Functions

Both and Phuket.Surgery benefit from a robust shared back office function, streamlining operations across all three platforms. Shared services include listings management, clinic and doctor detail updates, new clinic relationship building, marketing, technology, and HR/Finance. This integrated approach allows MyMediTravel to maintain high standards of service while offering a diverse range of medical tourism options.

About MyMediTravel

MyMediTravel is a global medical tourism facilitator that connects patients with top medical providers around the world. With a focus on quality, affordability, and convenience, MyMediTravel has helped thousands of patients access life-changing medical treatments. The launch of and Phuket.Surgery is a testament to MyMediTravel’s commitment to expanding access to exceptional medical care across the globe.

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