ASEANNOW ร่วมกับ The Thaiger ในการเข้าซื้อกิจการเชิงกลยุทธ์เพื่อขยายการเข้าถึงดิจิทัลในประเทศไทย

Thailand’s second-largest English language news publisher joins forces with Thailand’s biggest forum and third-largest English language news publisher

ASEANNOW, Thailand’s largest English language forum and a major English language news publisher, has been acquired by The Thaiger from Choice Group Asia Co., Ltd. This acquisition aligns with The Thaiger’s strategic initiative to broaden its influence and capabilities in English-language digital publishing across Thailand.

ASEANNOW, renowned for its robust community and significant presence in the digital news realm, will join forces with The Thaiger, which currently boasts over 3 million monthly users. This merger elevates the combined platform to the forefront of English-language digital publishing in Thailand, with a combined reach of approximately 5 million monthly users, surpassing all other major English-language publishers in Thailand.

Darren Lyons, CEO of The Thaiger, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition: “We have long admired ASEANNOW for its community engagement and extensive reach within Thailand. This acquisition is a pivotal part of our strategy to enhance our digital presence and offer more comprehensive content to a wider audience. We are excited to integrate ASEANNOW’s strengths with our own and anticipate this addition will provide substantial growth opportunities for both entities.”

George Anderssen, COO at ASEANNOW, also commented on the strategic benefits of the acquisition: “The integration of ASEANNOW into The Thaiger’s portfolio not only expands our audience but also reinforces our capacity to innovate and improve our content delivery. It is a promising development for the future of both platforms.”

The Thaiger affirms its commitment to maintaining the integrity of ASEANNOW’s operations, including retaining its dedicated staff and moderators. Plans are already underway to enhance the technical infrastructure, improve content offerings, and expand into new multimedia ventures to ensure the continued growth and engagement of the ASEANNOW community.

For more details on the combination of the two companies, check out this video interview with Darren and George.

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